Nonpartisan Offices

Judge of Probate Court

Partisan Offices

Board of Commissioners

Board of Education

Clerk of Superior Court

District 2

District 3

  • Brandy T. Huskins
  • Karen P. Owen
  • Muriel Simmons

District 1

  • Kelvin Irvin (Incumbent) (R)

  • Gary P. McElhenney (R)
  • Daniel W. Brown (Incumbent) (R)

District 4

  • Steven A. Weiner (Incumbent) (R)

  • Trevor Addison (R)

  • Denise Lasalle Hill (D)

Qualified Candidates for the 2018 Election Cycle

  • Eugene Smith  (Incumbent) (R)

District 5

  • Lynn A. Gilpin (Incumbent) (R)

Tax Commissioner

  • Pamela K. Lancaster (R)


  • Howard R. Sills (R)


  • Brian R. Hicks (R)